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Pathetic, just pathetic, to expect
Strangers to know your name I guess
Such is the price of fame

Loraine, it's up to you
Alexis Smith what's this
Sad confluence of solitudes

A Vermeer diptych that's split
But did you also feel that way
Say, couldn't it be an image war

You fought yourself for anonymity
Easy to kill it when you live at home with mother
The generation gap - draw me a map

Family values: easy to murder the other
Anger walking back and forth in a
Small train looks in, sees, pees

Maybe, sucks in his lip, seer-up, paces
Jester, we see each other across the threshold
Maybe, rap but wind up black and blue ways

Of moving back
Down lover's lane
Riches have wings

These are found things

Lonesome cowboy
You're a Kerouac haiku
Just a slice of life but whose

Calamity Jack of  you don't know Dick
Diamonds stairway to the stars
A bit like Magritte

This is how things exist, folks
The adventures of Huck Finn in high society
Or the Queen of Hearts for Jane's strange love


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