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"I'm so glad I came to kite flying. I'm so glad I came to Montana," 10-year-old Logan Marsh-Lumbert of Washington said as his kite dipped and soared in the breeze at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park on Saturday.

The annual Buffalo Kite Festival continues 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, July 15.

Logan was among those who made a kite. Nearby flew Megan Hagel's kite. The 8-year-old decorated hers with a scene of buffalo attacking people, to even the score a bit next to the buffalo jump.

Michael Graff, 10, depicted a raven on his, with stars and a sun for the Native story of a raven that stole the sun.

"It's my thousandth time here, but I've never been on a kite festival day," he said.

Kite builder Terry Zee Lee send large kites into the skies. She worked with Native American artists to develop buffalo-themed kites.

She and Drake Smith of SkyWindWorld, Inc put together the kite festival, which they fly at buffalo jumps across Montana and Canada. Among the Native artists who painted kites are: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (Flathead Salish), Angela Babby (Oglala Lakota) and Allen Knows His Gun (Crow), among others.

The state park also is hosting this weekend atlatl throwing, bow shooting and traditional Native games.

–Kristen Inbody


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