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An historic, monographic exhibition, Who Does She Think She Is? is a long-overdue retrospective of Rosalyn Drexler's multidisciplinary practice. Showcasing Drexler's major paintings and collages as well as her captivating early sculptures, award winning plays and novels, and photographic and video documentation of the artist's wild and varied theatrical career, the exhibition is co-curated by Rose Curator-at-Large Katy Siegel and Curatorial Assistant Caitlin Julia Rubin.


Drexler has been an active participant in New York's artistic scene, and her collages and large format paintings—which borrow imagery from movies, advertisements, and newspapers of the 1960s—reverberate with the Pop art of her contemporaries. Yet Drexler's work unfolds personal and social conflict with a political consciousness rare in the cool art of that moment and an explicitness that fearlessly courts vulgarity. A vivid portrait of both Drexler's singular artistic persona and the artistic circles of which she was a vibrant and fluid part, Who Does She Think She Is? shows Drexler to be both a sharp critic of and a joyful participant in American culture of the past 50 years.


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