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Is it December already? Traditionally eggnog and mistletoe dominate this month, but, for New York's art worlders, champagne, beaches and fine art have become synonymous with this time of year thanks to a Swiss art fair.
Art Basel originated in the strategically placed city of Basel in 1970, but the Miami edition wasn't born until 2002. The concept belonged to a previous director named Lorenzo Rudolf but his successor, Sam Keller, was instrumental in turning this once-insular trade fair into the global lifestyle brand that it is today. But despite all the glitz and glam that surrounded the fair over the years, Mr. Keller never forgot to vehemently cultivate Art Basel's main ingredient: fantastic art.
The 2015 edition of the show is bigger (267 galleries) and stronger than ever, and we've selected 7 booths that you should make sure to check out during your rounds.
Rosalyn Drexler at Garth Greenan, Art Basel, Survey

Acclaimed novelist, Obie-winning playwright, former professional wrestler and pioneering Pop artist Rosalyn Drexler clearly doesn't need our accolades, but she's going to get them anyway. Her noirish mass media representations have always charmed by tapping into Italian neorealist film styles, crime dramas and a host of other 20th century representations from theatre and film. All the while, Ms. Drexler has continually drawn inspiration from her “paint and cut paper” fine art predecessors, such as Matisse and Motherwell. Considering her track record, she'll probably take home some sort of booth prize for this solo effort so make sure to catch it.

-Evan Moffitt


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